Record Vodafone UK usage across the Festive period

Just got this in from Ally at Vodafone: Nearly 170m text messages were sent over the Vodafone UK network during the 24hrs of New Years Eve and Day. At its peak, just after midnight, over 6,000 text messages a second were processed. The same period saw Vodafone customers make nearly 90 million calls. The festive […]


Jimmy Wales: Mobile internet usage will ‘explode’

Well, we know this. But it’s good to hear the mobile 1.0 lot (i.e. the dotcom chaps) recognising the coming mobile revolution: While websites may suffer in the looming recession, Mr Wales believes mobile internet will “explode” in the next couple of years. “I am constantly on my phone, and I use Facebook on here. […]


Getting THAT data usage letter from o2

Kip has, apparently, used up more than 3GB of data on o2. This, according to that letter that he got from o2. The dreaded ‘you’re abusing our network’ letter. The first he heard was this experience: Was doing a brief shop around Sainsburys when I got an SMS through from O2. It said ‘O2 : […]