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Famed Nokia Exec, Anssi Vanjoki, is now in control of Vertu. Bring it ON!

Yes, you read that right. Anssi Vanjoki, one of the most influential people in Nokia’s rise to the top is back. He left the company shortly after Stephen Elop arrived and we haven’t heard too much from him since. But I’ve had my eyes peeled looking to see what, if anything, he would be doing […]


MIR TV pops into the Prague Vertu Shop

“Shall we go in?” asks Ben Smith. “Errrrr,” say I. I’m thinking about the possible catalogue of problems that could occur. “It’s the Vertu Shop. We’re in Prague. Let’s go in and see if they’ll let us do some filming?” prompts Ben. “Errrrrrrr,” I repeat, still processing the potential issues. The biggest issue in my […]


Nokia’s Vertu announces Ferrari Mobile

If you’re a Ferrarri fanatic, chances are you’ve probably come across the many Ferrari branded devices and gadgets brought to the consumers by different companies. Nokia’s Vertu range had just added itself to the array by announcing the Ferrari Ascent Ti. Bearing a sturdy titanium body, which apparently has been forged at 850ËšC, the phone […]

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Tag Heuer’s new Meridiist phone: Hmmm.

So you’re in the business of making watches that people buy to make themselves look good, yes? Your business has had it’s lunch eaten by the mobile phone industry — to the point that almost everyone uses their mobile to tell the time. I don’t bother with a watch for this reason. What do you […]


Nokia’s Vertu marks 10th birthday with leather

If the N96 is a bit on the cheap side for you, Nokia has come up with a line of phones designed to part high rollers from their money. The latest Vertu devices, built to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the high-end Nokia line, can be yours for the princely sum of several thousand dollars. […]