Facetiming: Really popular on Samsungs

Have you been seeing folk with Samsungs Facetiming in the street? I have. I am routinely witnessing this almost daily in and around London. I was in Scotland the other day on business and one of the ladies ahead of me in the taxi queue at Edinburgh Airport flipped out her S4 and proceeded to […]

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Little Archie recognised me on Facetime this evening

A little while ago, I looked at my bank statement and saw a £570 entry from Vodafone. I almost jumped out of my skin. It’s normally a few hundred pounds. “I’ll need to phone them!” I thought to myself, cursing like a trooper. “How did they end up billing me that much?” I wondered. A […]

3G Video Calling Demonstration

Since we published the 3G video calling demonstration segment back in the Week 39 show, we’ve had a ton of positive feedback. So much so that we’ve put the segment into it’s own mini-show. It shows Dan Lane (using 3) video-calling James Whatley (using Vodafone) calling each other. We were rather surprised at the positive […]