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Virgin Media launches IMO Smartphones in UK

I think this is worth writing about – it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone refer to ‘pocket money smartphones’ – but that’s exactly what Virgin Media are doing, together with new London-based smartphone brand, IMO (In My Opinion). IMO is a new smartphone and mobile device brand from Verve Connect, an energetic UK company that integrates […]


Free WiFi on the underground: Enough to keep you happy?

Yesterday Vodafone splashed in the Metro about their all new (well, sort of) wifi offering for customers using the London Underground system. If you’ve ever been caught wanting to send an email or look up somewhere on a map whilst on the platform, having access to the Internet is mighty convenient. I have tried the […]


Virgin Media grows a good pair of WiFi balls

I was delighted to see that Virgin Media’s CEO, Neil Berkett, is aiming to ‘take a punt’ on London-wide-WiFi (quoted in The Telegraph). About flipping time. Save us from BT-flipping-Openzone. Anyone who wants to charge PER MINUTE for dog-slow-rubbish-paltry-almost-helpful WiFi service deserves some serious competition. It is utter shite, BT Openzone. I don’t think I’ve […]