The US Startup Visa: A boon for dismayed, frustrated British entrepreneurs

I’ve been reading a lot about the proposed US Startup Visa. Right now, one of the biggest things that prevents smart entrepreneurs (British or otherwise) from going to live and work in Silicon Valley, is the Visa issue. Sure, most nationalities can get 3 months worth of time in the States, but after that, they […]


Visa is heading on to Google’s Android platform. Watch out!

It’s all getting very, very interesting in the mobile industry of late. I’m looking at every single handset that’s released and thinking ‘oh, that’d be good with Android’. Now that you can configure your own mobile experience — albeit in limited form with the T-Mobile G1 — the other handsets are shortly going to look […]


Visa tests out text fraud warnings

Visa has announced a new scheme to warn customers about potentially fraudulent transactions by SMS. Using 2,000 guinea pigs, Visa is testing a new service which will send out text or email alerts to bank customers when certain transactions are carried out on their accounts, such as when a payment is made over a certain […]