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UK App developer? I need your help: Could you fill in this 3-minute survey?

Right then I need your assistance app developers. I’m helping contribute toward the UK App Developer Census being performed by research firm, VisionMobile on behalf of Google UK. I’d very much appreciate it if you could take a few moments (3 minutes, no more) to fill in your experiences. The resulting research will be shared […]

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James Parton of BlueVia and Andreas Constantinou Ph.D. discussing Developer Economics 2011

This is Momchil here with a video about Developer Economics. James Parton of BlueVia and Andreas Constantinou Ph.D. of VisionMobile are discussing Developer Economics 2011. Here is the video: @jamesparton @bluevia @andreascon @visionmobile


VisionMobile’s Who’s Who mobile industry map

The Mobile Industry Atlas (Handset Edition) is a visual map of who’s who in the mobile industry. It, er, doesn’t include SMS Text News, so… 😉 I was sent it by Vision Mobile. Here’s what they have to say about it: The map aims to showcase 400+ leading companies across 30 market sectors, spanning all […]