My objective for February: Become fully mobile and platform independent

Is it time to change out of the Apple ecosystem? I’m not talking about phones and tablets necessarily. I’m talking about desktops — proper computing. Ever since watching Mr Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, introduce his company’s offerings at their evening launch event at the turn of the year, I’ve been exploring the possibilities in my mind […]


The LG Renoir is a work of art

Last night the MIR Show team was at the LG Renoir Blogger launch. It’s always an interesting exercise to get close to a mobile manufacturer and to see how they handle their blogger relations. You can tell a lot about a company from how it manages bloggers. Journalists and mainstream media, that’s a piece of […]


Should you be fired for sending 12,000 private texts on a work phone?

UPI reports that the Italian Supreme Court isn’t having any of Telecom Italia’s attempts to fire one of it’s employees. Apparently the employee knocked up 12,000 private text messages from his work phone. He didn’t have an unlimited messaging package on the handset, obviously — as Telecom Italia were billed more than $2,000 for this. […]


The mobile version of MIR: Comments now work!

I’ve been toiling all night. The fact that Disqus has not worked properly on mobile, ever since we changed over to it, has really been annoying me. The swap to Disqus has, otherwise, been a great success — in the past couple of months we’ve had over 4,000 comments contributed. I really like the flexibility […]