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Nokia and Yahoo? Why don’t you f*** off!

That headline, of course, is a tribute to Yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz, who was entirely unimpressed with Michael Arrington’s line of questioning thus: Arrington: Is your pitch kind of BS though? Bartz: Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 — the iPod came out 4 years later. 3 years after that is the first […]

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Nokia & Yahoo bring ‘integrated web services’ to millions of consumers (press release)

Here’s the Nokia & Yahoo press release in full — more thoughts shortly: Global strategic alliance enables industry leaders to leverage strengths in e-mail, instant messaging, maps and navigation across PC and mobile devices New York, NY, USA – Today, Yahoo! and Nokia announced a worldwide strategic alliance to extend the reach of their industry […]

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Nokia & Yahoo: The tired and the very tired?

Rumours have been hitting the airwaves — well, the internet-waves, anyway — of an impending announcement from Nokia and Yahoo next week. Alex over at PhoneDog picked up the story along with TechCrunch, both pointing out that AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reckons the big announcement will feature Yahoo and Nokia getting into bed. The TechCrunch post […]

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First AT&T phone with Google Android will feature Yahoo search to annoy the hell out of every user

You have to smile when grown up executives who should know better sit back and make stupid decisions. The AppleInsider is reporting that…. Although Google makes the Android mobile operating system, the search giant’s chief competitor, Yahoo, will be the default provider on AT&T’s first Android-powered handset, due to be released March 7. Great. Talk […]

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Give Yahoo some friggin’ breathing room

Carol Bartz has taken the helm at the once-great Yahoo. Described as a long time ‘senior player’ in Silicon Valley, she is apparently made of stern stuff. So much so that Mike Harvey of The Times Tech column was rather impressed. I wonder if it’s the fact that she, “dodged questions about what happens next […]

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Geraldine Wilson swaps Yahoo for Truphone; becomes CEO

Tricia over at mocoNews reports — briefly — that Geraldine Wilson has taken up the position of CEO over at Truphone. I trust that she also brings a few hundred million dollars with her. Geraldine previously headed up biz and marketing strategy for Yahoo’s mobile section (“Connected Life”). Every success Geraldine!

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Yahoo to power AT&T search, while Google picks Verizon

AT&T, the largest wireless service provider in the US, has today announced that it will start offering search services powered by Yahoo!. AT&T will offer access to Yahoo’s Onesearch web-based services to approximately 70 million of its total userbase through the provider’s mobile internet portal. The services will include website keyword search along with links […]

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Activists promote safe sex with “Condom! Condom!” ringtones

Just caught this on Yahoo Activists promote safe sex in India with cellphone ‘Condom, condom!’ ring tones NEW DELHI – A cellphone ring tone that sings “Condom, condom!” has been launched to promote safe sex in India. The a cappella ring tone features a professional singer chanting the word condom more than 50 times. It’s […]

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Yahoo’s Fire Eagle knows where you are

Yahoo is turning its attention towards location based services with a new bit of software by the name of Fire Eagle, designed to help those with a fondness for social networking and the like to store and share their location information and settings only with those services they see fit. it’s a web platform, so […]

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Google and Yahoo eye piece of $16.2bn mobile internet pie

Wow. It has to be said. Actually, I’ll say it again. Wow. Google and Yahoo have just described the mobile internet market and stated their desire to go after it. According to the channel mag ARN the two companies want to go after 3 billion (that’s nine zeros) mobile phone users. “The phone is three […]

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Google gets 61 percent of mobile search

It looks like Google is having no hard time of transferring its out and out lead in internet search across to the world of mobile: according to the latest figures from industry watchers Nielsen Mobile, Google has 61 percent of mobile search sewn up, with Yahoo trailing at just 18 percent of the market. Google […]

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