Top 7 Apps: Submission Guidelines

Top 7 Apps is a feature we publish regularly and it’s become a firm favourite of the audience.

We are all naturally curious about apps and — given the constant ‘discovery’ problem — recommendations are truly appreciated. Plus, I think it’s fair to say we’re all naturally curious about what apps other people use, especially if they’re senior executives from around the mobile industry and beyond.

We chose the number ‘7’ because it does force you to look beyond the average 4-5 apps that most people use regularly. In many cases we actually feature 9 or 10 apps with our optional ‘honourable mention’ section at the bottom of each list.


We welcome submissions from:

  • Executives from around the mobile industry and beyond
  • Executives that hold a senior job title (manager and above)
  • People who have half an imagination and actually use apps regularly (or, at least, people who can be helped by a talented PR exec to get their app list into shape.)


  • Pick apps that you regularly use or would like to highlight (without picking on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. We know!)
  • Take a bit of time to construct your app descriptions. We strongly recommend at least two sentences per app to give us a bit of context. Our readers want to know why you’re mentioning the app. It’s often useful to related the app to your lifestyle or work as readers tend to find that interesting.
  • Do look at some examples of previous submission to get an idea of style. You can see a full list of past submissions here.


  • Don’t mention Facebook, Twitter, Maps. We know this. These are taken for granted. You may mention them if you have a particularly decent reason for doing so, but otherwise, you’ll run the risk of winding up every reader. A rule of thumb: If it came bundled on the phone, we probably don’t want to know about it unless you’ve a compelling explanation.
  • Don’t write a single solitary sentence like this: “Twitter: Because I like tweeting lots.” Submissions featuring double-boring five word sentences will have us quickly sticking pencils in our eyes. Not a single one of our readers likes reading ‘nothing’. So please tell us why you’re listing a particular app. What do you like about it? How do you use it? it? Give us some context.

Ready to get started?

The fields we need from you are:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your company name
  • Company web URL
  • A ‘boilerplate’ — a 2-3 sentence description about your company or organisation
  • A list of your 7 apps and your descriptions of each
  • Honourable mentions:  One or two apps that spring to mind but don’t make your top 7 (optional)
  • Your Twitter account name (optional)
  • Your photo or we’ll just use your organisation’s logo (optional)

Put it all in an email and send it to us at:

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For Public Relations professionals: We very much value the PR community as they help us get great content out to the readers. So if you’d like to get your clients featured, as long as the meet the above listed qualifications, we’re up for it!