Off to a round table event tomorrow

I’m off to a round table event tomorrow featuring:

– Mike Short of the Mobile Data Association and O2
– Glenn Murray VP of NeuStar
– Steve Ives, CEO, Taptu
– Normal Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer, Wireless Grids
– Tomas Kleist, Director of interaction, Native

There’s Q&A afterwards. Would anyone care to guess my first question to (the very well respected) Mike Short of o2?

By Ewan

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nice to see women well represented again at a mobile industry event 😉

If I thought there weren’t senior women in this industry, I wouldn’t mention it. But I know that there are (I help to organise the Women in Mobile Data Association) and that they’re talented but they seem to be either invisible to their male colleagues or unwilling to raise their heads above the parapet or just don’t get asked along.

This is a communications industry after all, and allegedly, women tend to be rather good at that so it would imply it would be useful for women’s voices to be heard. I’d love to see more women discuss this stuff at round tables, seminars, panel sessions, conferences and networking events.

Would anyone care to guess my first question to (the very well respected) Mike Short of o2?

How about: As your network is evidently so piss-poor that you need to restrict connection speeds, shouldn’t Apple place the anticipated 3G version of the iPhone with, say, Vodafone or Three who can deliver the full speed?

HeavyLight’s last blog post..O2 rebrand cock-up shock!

Two things

1) Ewan – I double dare you to record/QIK the question/response – re: IMEI, Speed of 3G AND their sorry excuse for a PR dept…

2) Following up on Technokitten’s comment. I (along with two other Y chromosome holders) was fortunate enough to be invited along to the Women in Mobile Data’s Christmas Lunch late last year and every word Technokitten says is true. They are out there. And they know their stuff too. They just need to raise their profile a little…

If only one of them would start blogging more regularly…. 😉

James Whatley’s last blog post..SpinVox: ?Rather Useful? says The Gadget Show

…maybe something about their failure to meet 3G licence obligations? I mean, you only spent

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