iPhone 4 disassembly by Chipworks

Fancy getting a look at the innards of the iPhone 4? Even the slight-geeks amongst us wouldn’t mind having a bit of a peer, right? Chipworks have done all the work for you in some detail — down to the silicon!

Here are the company’s key findings:

– The Apple A4 remains unchanged from the iPad
– TI has won the touch screen controller
– OmniVision is the suspected main image sensor – more analysis to follow
– STMicroelectronics scored two big inertial sensor wins for the accelerometer and gyroscope
– AKM has updated the magnetic sensor with a new device that promises better performance
– Broadcom continues to have success with Apple with its low power 802.11n with Bluetooth® solution

What does the iPhone main board look like? Here it is:

Amazing to think that this small piece of technology is probably light years better than my first 386 processor-based Amstrad.

Head over to Chipworks for their in-depth reports and analysis.

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