Are you born mobile? Check out Qualcomm’s CES Keynote

Dr Paul Jacobs, top man at Qualcomm, is headlining CES this year. This represents a change from the usual — this used to the territory of the PC manufacturers. No more.

I find it fascinating to see just how much effort Qualcomm go to produce and deliver their keynotes, whether it’s at events such as CES or their very own well attended Uplinq conferences. I encourage you to have a look at this video preview featuring the man himself — look at the quality of production. They mean business. Other companies would be hard pressed to deliver a sticky-taped together PowerPoint set to some piped elevator music ahead of a keynote. Qualcomm have given it the triple-A treatment.

I like what it says. I like the attention to detail. If the company can take the time and attention to present itself so professionally, imagine what their brain boxes geeks are cooking up for us to play with.


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