Orange’s unlimited data for £6 – temporarily

Link: Unlimited GPRS for �6 on Orange! – MoDaCo.
Found this on Modaco this morning. Mark posted a note about a World Cup special data offer from Orange, thus:

“WORLD CUP BUNDLE: Get 1GB of data for browsing all the news, live commentary and Sky Sports video clips in the World Cup section on Orange World. Plus get daily text alerts and a World Cup wallpaper. After the tournament you can follow your home team through the 2006/7 season at a cost of �4.00 a month for 4MB access to Orange World. �6 a month”

So that’s good news — £6 for a gig of data traffic.

However, what idiot … what ABSOLUTE IDIOT… dreams up a special offer that ends with ‘oh, and after the world cup, it’s £4 for 4 meg.’

What a phenomenally crap way of marketing. Here’s a gig… woohuu… right, yes, but AFTER the World Cup, it’s a quid a meg, right? 😉

Deary me. I had a look around the Orange website to find details of the offer. I think this is it.

Have you been to the website recently? It’s full of news feeds and entertainment links. Half of me thinks: good work on trying to create an interesting portal for your users. The other half thinks: I’m never, ever, going to go to the Orange site to see what the latest headlines are.

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