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Picture_7_13 totally rocks. is run by a three man team consisting of Ari Mir, Ophir Tanz and Andrew Arrow. 

I had an email from Ari of telling me about their newest service and took aside a few minutes to check it out – similar to Abazab, it lets you send pictures and video directly to any webpage that you control. 

All you need to do is put in a line of code into your MySpace profile, Blogger or any other site — just as you’d do if you want to embed a video from Youtube. 

That piece of code then displays the default viewer (Here’s mine) which displays your pictures (and videos) in a gorgeous flash album style.  I love the little audible click sounds when you flick from photo to photo.

They’ve worked out a very graceful way of registering.  You simply pick up your handset and send a photo or a video to the mojungle email address.  You then immediately receive an SMS back containing your temporary password — the Mojungle system has already created an account for you — with the login being your mobile phone number.  Smart.

Now here’s the rub: It worked. 

I say that with no small amount of surprise and a 100% appreciation for the technical infrastructure that must have implemented in order for me to experience this. is first and foremost a US-centric service — Ari warned me that they hadn’t yet done extensive testing of international mobile capabilities.  So I was quite prepared for it to half work.  We have to suffer mind numbingly stupid picture messaging policies here in the UK which can play havoc with finely crafted code that isn’t expecting network operator spam (e.g. T-mobile loves to include their logos and branding when you send a picture message).   Generally speaking this screws up everything. 

Not so with  Whatever they’ve done, it all worked first time.  I took a picture on the N90 and sent it to the email.  Got my password. Logged in and woosh, there was the picture I’d sent in a gorgeous flash album browser.

So I am wickedly impressed.

However, it also does videos too.

I thought I’d better try this out — but I did so with no small amount of worry.  I wasn’t looking forward to having to write back to Ari to tell him, ‘er, sorry, tried a video and, well, the UK mobile operators are a bit weird… and sorry its screwed up your flash album’.

So I found a 200k video I took at a recent cocktail party when I was in Cannes.  I took it at the stupid-small resolution that you need to do in order to send it as a multimedia message.  So I thought this would be an ideal test video. 

I sent it.

I sat and waited for a moment with my face screwed up. 

I refreshed on my embed flash album:  And there was my video hosted on mojungle!

Dead impressive.  I really didn’t think it would work from the UK.  It wrapped the subject and text I included too.  You can email from the flash album, you can click on the album and get the code to embed the item yourself plus you can even download the original file.   

Now this is a brilliant front-end service for anyone with a site and the desire to send media to it.  It just works.  You know what?  If you plugged this into ShoZu as a front end, I think I’d be in heaven. 

I’d really like a smaller flash animation that I could put on the top right or left of my blog here so I could send images and videos to the SMS Text News blog easily. 

I can think of many applications for this.  Of course, anyone who’s a MySpace, Xanga, Picoz or Blogger user (to name but a few) will definitely be able to make good use of it! 

Check it out and see what you think of it.  All you need to do is send a pic or a video to  Do it now and see what you think! 

More at

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Some of the features on your wishlist are exactly what we’re working on at abazab.

We’ll keep you posted as updates/improvements come up.

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