Event coming soon: New Directions in Mobile

There’s a rather wicked event coming soon produced by gorgeous Deirdre and team at NMK

It’s called New Directions in Mobile and if you haven’t caught the run-down, there’s a veritable who’s who presenting, including mobile marketing expert Helen Keegan, who dropped me a note to remind me about it.  I might see if I can get along as it’s nearby. 

It’s on the 3rd of October starting at 1pm.  Not this week but next.

Here’s the intro:

With more and more businesses incorporating mobile into their marketing mix, is mobile the right place right time medium that marketers dream of? How can businesses stay abreast of consumer behaviour and make the most of the business opportunities that mobiles present?

This afternoon event will examine some of the key developments in mobile: how mobile and wireless technology has changed the way we do things, trends to watch and future opportuntities, and key innovations and business models.

Have you come across the term Mociology?  I hadn’t, but, I like the term.  I wonder if you’ll be able to take a GCSE in Sociology and then one in Mociology soon?   Paul Walsh, CEO of Segala, (Web Accessibility & Mobile Testing Experts) will be revealing all on the term. 

Helen’s discussing business models for mobile content and services — with a marketing perspective I’m sure.

Steve Flaherty of Ketai Culture is talking on mobile innovation — this from a man who, the last time I talked to him, was involved in something like 5 bleeding edge huge mobile related projects.  He knows his stuff.

That’s your first session.  While your mind is still spinning, the second session will arrive in the shape of John Carney of Marvellous Mobile presenting a recent case study.  Not sure on what, yet, but it should be good.

Jonathan Bill, Head of Category at Vodafone is next up. I imagine that means he’s head of the mobile category?  It doesn’t quite say on the site.  Wait, I did a google.  He’s head of content category for Vodafone UK.  That should be illuminating.  Plus if you’re looking to get your company in front of Vodafone, it’ll be worth the price of the ticket alone to grab Jonathan for a few seconds of elevator pitching. 

I…well… I don’t think I should go along to this event myself — I was thinking about it closely but I’d probably self combust if I found myself in the same room as anyone from Vodafone who isn’t brandishing a £1k credit (or a few Vodafone branded N93s) for my recent and wholly outrageous international data bill.   I seriously have an issue with them still.  Unresolved issues.  I can usually suppress them with the aid of copious nurofen, round the clock on-site medical care and a psychiatrist never no more than 5ft away from me holding a flipping huge syringe filled with fast acting neuro-relaxants.


Alfie Dennen is last up — but by no means anywhere near least.  He’ll be talking about his company Moblog UK, which, I reckon, will rightly impress the viewing audience with real world examples of how people are using mobile technology.  No one’s more qualified to discuss consumer moblogging in this country than Alfie. 

It looks like a rather exciting event and I imagine the networking will be very valuable.  If you’re in mobile and you’re London based, see if there’s still tickets available.  £80.  Should be very worth it. 

It’s taking place at 01Zero-One which, at the rather interesting end of Soho, is really centrally located and very well specified, plus there’s a Pret round the corner too.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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