Nokia’s N95 – 5 megapixels, 8gb hard disk – iPhone killer?

Picture_29Gorgeous clear analysis over at 21talks on the Nokia N95.

It seems it’s easier for cellphone manufacturers to go iPod, than computer makers to go cellphone. At least, for Nokia. The Finnish company debuts its N95 phone with a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB hard SanDisk hard drive and video supports. It’s also the last model of the popular N-series (10 million sold this year, reports Red Herring)

5 megapixels?

FIVE?  Nice.

8gb hard disk?  Ooooh my.  If one of these gets in my hand, I’ve a serious issue hanging around for Apple to get on with it.

A ton of detail on the N95 at All About Symbian.

Official Nokia N95 site.

The sliding is pretty cool.  Slide it down and you reveal the numeric keypad as you’d expect.

Slide it up, though, and you reveal the multimedia next/prev/pause/play buttons.  Smart.

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3 replies on “Nokia’s N95 – 5 megapixels, 8gb hard disk – iPhone killer?”

n95 – oh my oh my, it’s got GPS built in too! where are the tissues…

and 5 mpixels! that is gooooood! my top of the range Nikon D2X has 12.4 mpixels so camera-phones are now virtually half way to matching the top of the range professional digital SLR’s. now that really is mouth watering stuff.

mind you, there is a GPS and wireless bolt on for the D2X – so maybe I should turn my real camera into a wifi mobile 😉


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