SMS Text News: Live from Swedish Beers, tonight, 6.30pm

Link: Swedish Beers

Swedish Beers – Tuesday 17th October, 6.30 pm at the Nordic Bar. Swedish Beers is held in London at the Nordic Bar at 25 Newman St, London W1 – (nearest Tube – Goodge St or Tottenham Court Rd). The Nordic Bar’s web page is at You’ll find us in the back bar.

Yes, that’s right, I will be blogging live from Swedish Beers courtesy of my wickedly useful Sabifoo-instant-messenger-blogger that I can use via the Blackberry.

My idea is to a) catch up with people and b) do quick fire blogs about anything that’s interesting and mobile related. I reckon that could be quite cool. If you’re in the area, come on along. I’m thinking 3-4 sentence blogs complete with a link or two.

Walking along Newman Street, you’ll see the Nordic Bar, right? It’s in the basement — so walk down stairs and if you’re there after about 7pm, it’ll probably be quite crowded. Don’t worry. The bar is all along the left of the establishment. It’s not that wide so there’ll probably be people that you need to negotiate. Get yourself to the bar and get served by some of the absolutely gorgeous women (and, no doubt, men) and then as you’re waiting, look casually to the right……. all along the corridor. Swedish Beers all happens at the back you see. Get a drink and wander along toward the back — there’s a bigger room there where it’ll be kicking off. The password to get in is: V0daf0ne. The zeros are important.

You’ll see Helen and Steve surfing the crowds. Go ahead and say hi — particularly if you’ve never been to the event before. They’re totally friendly.

Locate me, thrust you right hand forward, shake mine then gis-a business card so I can blog you. I’ll be the one with the navy jumper and jeans. (Not in pinstripes today). You can spot me at 100 paces because I rarely drink alochol, ergo I’ll be the only one in the room with a coke.

PS I was only kidding about the password. 😉

By Ewan

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