Is your Windows Mobile device slow accessing the web/internet?

Well here’s a fix. Sort of. Jim recently took delivery of his T-Mobile Vario and found it ridiculously slow accessing the internet (as documented on this post). Kmara of added a comment on the post suggesting Jim take a look at this link on MoDaCo. Essentially, top MoDaCo man Paul figured out that most of the Windows Mobile devices (in the UK at least) are set to use operator default shit-slow DNS servers …

… so when you type in — as I have done MANY SODDING TIMES — and wait for the tick……………. tick………… tick…………….. while the SODDING operating system tries to get the network to do ANYTHING ……………..

Woops, I almost dropped into moaning-MacLeod-mode there.

The fix is simple, you just replace the default DNS servers with something better. Anything. Paul suggested the OpenNIC servers, for example. Take a read of the MoDaCo link above. Jim did and he’s noticed a substantial difference. Wicked!

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One reply on “Is your Windows Mobile device slow accessing the web/internet?”

“But using them (3G phones) reminded me how slow 3G actually is – ISDN speed at best. What would have been blistering speed five years ago has a snail’s pace feeling in todays’ gigabyte world,” wrote Tim Weber in a BBC article about 3’s X-series announcement.

And that, is the heart of problem – today’s consumers will not accept this poor level of performance and hit and miss user experience.

But don’t worry, HSDPA wil speed things up, he goes on to say.

Oh bugger, I’ve already got a device with HSDPA.

Guess I’ll have to wait for 4 or 5G then.


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