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Are you looking for a particular application or feature? Is there a mobile application you’d really like to see developed? Well, perhaps there’s a Christmas treat in store for you from iTagg. Check out this note from Steve sent to iTagg’s customers:

Hope you are well and your business is building up to a big Christmas. We’ve put our thinking caps on at iTAGG and have come up with what we believe is a cool and unique way of developing some further mobile services for our clients without it costing the earth. We’ve experimented with this for a few other clients and it has worked well. The idea is that you tell us what your dream mobile services would be and we group together the common ideas that are bound to come from a number of you and then split the costs between all clients who want the service.

We trialed this for something specific that three existing clients required and they ended up paying just a third of the development cost. By writing to all of our clients we are looking to find enough of you so that you only have to pay a tenth or even a hundreth of the cost.

So can you please send me your dream list of services that you would like iTAGG to build or provide. Big or small, please send us every idea you have, whether it is using sms, mms, premium billing, user generated content, integration of mobile with websites, wap, java, etc. Just throw your ideas down and email them to me now. You never know, you may just get that dream mobile solution in time for Christmas and at a fraction of the true development cost!

Strictly speaking, you really need to be a client to make a request, but that’s straight forward to achieve — fly off over to and register an account or give Steve and his team a call.

By Ewan

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You should never have to apologise for trying to generate new business. OK so maybe sending it to MoMo is like trying to flog ice to the eskimos, but if he gets even one or two people interested in what they’re doing at Itagg then it’s worked.

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