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I’ve been taking a look at partyStrands, a service of MyStrands.

partyStrands is an automated service for venues that customizes the music based on the moods and tastes of all the current guests. With partyStrands and a mobile phone, your guests can indicate the type of music they want to hear. They can also post messages to the venue’s monitors and interact with other partyGoers.

Years ago we deployed our Impulse technology to super effect in nightclubs across the UK and around the world. It was simply a text (and later pictures) to screen system. Unlike partyStrands, it didn’t replace the DJ. The emphasis was on encouraging clubbers to send in messages from their mobiles and to subscribe to receive updates from the club.

It looks like partyStrands is driven by both ads and premium text revenue from the messages sent into the service. The revenue is then shared between the relevant parties.

I can’t see many nightclubs here in the UK adopting this — I think they’re far too reliant on their DJs selecting the right songs to make sure people dance a lot (not necessarily to their favourite or preferred tracks) so that they get hot and have to drink more 😉 The real barrier, I suspect, would be the UK’s nightclub managers who, I know from direct experience, aren’t necessarily that open to new fangled technologies.

However I reckon it could be extremely successful with bars and smaller clubs not reliant on making people sweaty to increase revenue. It’s a smart concept. Plus, from what I’ve read, you can deploy it in real-time: Fly over to the site, knock up a username and password and stick it on your venue monitors and hey presto, you’re operational.

But only in the USA and Spain. Interesting why they chose Spain. Why not the UK, for example? Or Germany? Here are some more features:

With partyStrands you can:
Provide a unique, customized music experience for your guests.
Let partyGoers interact with each other, post messages, and have more fun.
Earn extra revenue from SMS and advertisements.
Build your own website for your venue, with member photos, forums, and music.
Using partyStrands is Easy and Free
Create an account with a valid e-mail address and password.
Provide some details about your venue.
Download and install the partyStrands software.

Start a party by launching the software and following the instructions.
There are no obligations and no quotas. Simply become a registered venue and try partyStrands. You can begin earning extra money immediately.

Could be good!

By Ewan

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FYI: partyStrands is now accessible from your mobile phone; you just need to point your mobile browser to . It is pretty easy to navigate, with one cool thing: you can see real time what music is been played in bars, so you can decide which venue to go to, based on the music that they are playing. You can view also bar’s info, location map + pictures from the latest parties.

Of course, from here you can connect to the MyStrands mobile website and the MyStrands mobile application if you want, find friends, music buddies, see real-time where your friends are. You can also play in your mobile, 30 secs previews of the songs played in the venues; get recommendations, tag songs and playlists etc etc. find out more here

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