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Treo 750v doesn’t actually do 3g video?

This in from Steve of iTAGG:

I own a Palm Treo 750v on Vodafone and it is a 3G phone. But I have just realised I’ve been duped? It doesn’t actually come with video calling, the 3G is for data only!!! What!!! Why did I not read the smallprint!! I saw a fancy new phone on the shelf that said 3G and obviously thought it meant video calls were possible. How on earth would I have thought that they would remove this feature from their latest phone. So is that it then, is video calling a thing of the past? Has everyone just given up on it as a 2005 thing that never caught on. My god we are going backwards in this game.

your very disappointedly
steve procter

Deary me. I suppose it’s Steve’s fault — as he says — for not reading the small print. But I’d have fallen for that too. If you’d asked me, ‘Does the Treo do 3g video?’ I’d have said, ‘I think so?’ Deary, deary me. What with Jim Black’s problems with the T-Mobile Vario and Steve’s issues with the Treo…… gaaah. These are people who *work* in the mobile industry. Goodness knows how the man on the street is getting on.

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3 replies on “Treo 750v doesn’t actually do 3g video?”

How about the fact that it has no camera on the front?

You don’t need to read any small print to notice that!

If the man on the street can’t work out that a video call requires a small camera pointing at you, they should keep to text messaging.

Seriously if you’d given me 10 questions on the Treo, I’d have said it would have had a camera on the front.

The Treo only has ONE camera? Geez!

yes fair do’s it only has one camera, maybe that was an obvious. but what if I want to call a video shortcode for receiving-only of streaming video (which in fact is what I did want to do today when I discovered my huge cockup)?

What I’m wondering is where has Vodafone’s strategy taken the turn that says “ok we like 3G for data (especially as we rip the user off with stupid data charges) but we no longer believe in 3G video calling”. After all this is one of their new top flagship handsets and so if they have no belief any more that even Treo users want 3G video then it strikes me that a big operator has taken a big strategic turn here without any of us noticing. So what does that now leave in terms of potential services that can payoff and justify the 3G licences!!??

steve procter

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