Just how crap is Yahoo Mobile Search via Three? Rubbish.


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Look at this.

I was sat on the bus on the way back to Liverpool Street Station the other week. I was trying to be Mobile 2.0.

I was trying to actually use my handset for more than texting, calling and annoying myself.

I wanted to go to the cinema that night so I thought I should try using Yahoo via Three’s X-Series to check some cinema times.

I couldn’t find cinema times on the main Three portal — it may well be there — so I opted for the Yahoo Search.

What a pile of shit it is.


Look at this.

I searched for ‘cinema times’.

That’s a far search term, right? I’m not using some weird American words or anything — that’s your common-or-garden British, right?

First link: Times Cinema, Milwaukee, WI.

You are having a laugh. What about an Odeon? Or a UCI or something?

I never use Yahoo Search because Google’s one works. It’s really quite annoying… not even annoying, it’s incredibly time wasting for me as a consumer to do a search and get such tin pot useless results back. Especially on a handset. It’s a bit more involved to navigate.

Interestingly, do the search on Yahoo’s desktop webpage and it’s reasonably ok. There’s still a Milkwaukee WI ‘Times Cinema’ reference, but there’s also some UK results.

You’d think that since Yahoo clearly know I’m a Three *UNITED KINGDOM* customer, that perhaps the mobile search results could be informed accordingly.

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