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24 hours later and the Nokia N800 ain’t lookin’ that good

Link: Ring Nokia: Me and Greg checking out a Nokia N800

Me and Greg checking out a Nokia N800

I’d have been all over this video from Stefan 24 hours ago, prior to the Apple iPhone launch.

But now, do you know what? Don’t tell anyone. I didn’t bother watching. Isn’t that bad? I really didn’t want to look at it and see just how bad it is compared to the iPhone. It’s bordering on painful.

This isn’t a reflection on Stefan at all. He’s got super content on his burgeoning blog, especially from CES and as proven by today’s slashdotting! However I am totally 100% underwhelmed by the N800 in the context of the iPhone.

When Stefan gets back from CES, I’m going to see if I can catch him online to take his temperature on the iPhone vs Nokia issue.

Please, if you’re reading, let me know your thoughts. Am I missing something or did Apple seriously produce a leapfrog device? I sat and watched through the whole keynote presentation this early morning and provided the device performs as demonstrated, it absolutely 100% wipes the floor with everything on the market.

Still. Competition is good!

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3 replies on “24 hours later and the Nokia N800 ain’t lookin’ that good”

The N800 is in a completely different market. Comparisons should not be necessary.

No cellular. development possibilities (iphone will be a closed platform), and cheaper. But most important point is, its got an 800 pixel wide screen which means you can actually do quality web surfing. Quality web surfing means access to the thousands of Web2.0 applications that exist. The N800 has DOUBLE the screen space of an iPhone and that is a major major advantage…Until the iphone 2 comes out with a 4.5″ 800×480 screen!


I want an iphone because it will work.

It will work first time.
It will sync without requiring a degree in physics.
My dad will be able to use it – no more calls at 3am saying his 9500 wont sync because he’s got too many contacts….

I will use it without requiring an application just to copy my contacts etc, and because I wont have the microsoft reboots, or the symbian off on it’s holidays or just generally works for ages then battery out reset time.

My main concern with the N800 is that it’s not simply what the 9500 should have been, but wasn’t for whatever reason. Ahh the 9500 what a man’s phone.

Have you ever used Edge + Cingular it not that fast so the best way to browse would be with Wi-fi. Yest the iphone is nice but its not that groundbreaking the fact that people are comparing them to other things like the Nokia n800 is a testament to that. The Nokia is more mature as the fact that you can do Video talks, Rhapsody for real (buy music, search radio stations, content, etc), plus you can get a real GPS (the iphone is just maps no GPS). I read that the keyboard is not as fast as Job’s would have you believe (I could tell that from the keynote). The Iphone , but the advantages over the Nokia are the fact that is a real cellphone and the eye candy. The Nokia is nice and it offers so much more and its open. YOu can take a look at the Canola player for it and see an advantage of an open architecture.

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