Qwerty Blackberry 8800 (“8900c”) photos

Picture 4

Picture 4
Originally uploaded by smstextnews.

Engadget Mobile are reporting that HowardForums member ibby03 has posted a load of photos reputed to be the new Blackberry 8800 — basically the Pearl with a proper keyboard.

There a ton more photos at the ibby03 link above.

I think it looks like quite a handsome device.

I’m cold on it though.

Why is this? I don’t quite know. I think, perhaps, it’s because of the age old Blackberry OS. I like to see things updating — not just the case, and the technology, but the actual OS — more than what looked very much like a 20 minute coding makeover (like with the 8700).

I’ll certainly look closely to see what it offers.

No camera on the back?


So handsome, but perhaps just a weeeeee bit too bling for me.

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