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Australian councillor dumped by party after sending dirty joke text

Ah well this is a bit of an arse isn’t it?

Link: Liberal candidate axed after dirty SMS – National –

A NSW Liberal candidate has been dumped by his party after sending on a dirty joke by text message.

Brenton Pavier, a Liberal councillor and the candidate for Wyong, said he forwarded an SMS to three or four friends around Christmas.

It purported to come from a video store and said: “The video you have ordered about how to have sex with a goat has now arrived”.

NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam said tonight the message was “inappropriate” and he had sacked Mr Pavier as the candidate.

I really suppose it depends to what level you want to hold your politicians.

Sending a dirty joke by text doesn’t, necessarily, mean that the sender is incapable of managing funds or responsibility.

That’s either really harsh action, on the part of the leader, Peter Debnam, or good media management.

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