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Gizmo launches free text messaging service

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Link: Gizmo SMS Offers Free Web-Based Text Messaging to Mobile Phones Worldwide: Financial News – Yahoo!

SIPphone Inc., the makers of Gizmo Project and Gizmo Call, announced today the launch of its web-based SMS service Gizmo SMS, located at Gizmo SMS lets people easily send SMS text messages to mobile phones around the world, from any web browser, for free. No registration or account setup required.

This is very neat. I’m stuck in the wilds of Scotland though so it’s rather difficult for me to try the service out as I’ve got no signal. At ALL.

When they say ‘mobile phones around the world’ they really do mean it — not every country in the world is listed, but they’ve given it a good whack! Very cool. If you get the opportunity, try it out and let me know what you think?

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14 replies on “Gizmo launches free text messaging service”

great idea. poor execution. my 2 test texts have not arrived after a very lengthy wait.

typical…take a great idea and use the cheapest ingredients possible. I wonder which sms aggregator they are using…hhmmm???


I tried sending messages to two different UK numbers. On Three and Orange. Neither of them has arrived after 40 minutes or so.

Tried to several different numbers – still waiting after 10 minutes. Given one of the biggest benefits of SMS is the immediacy of delivery, I can’t see this being used much.


Plus how does this get paid for?
It’s costing them money to send so unless its funded by a kind millionaire with nothing better to do I can’t see how this is going to remain.

it is funded by taking the last 40 chars of the message for advertisers. which primarily looks like it will be their own VOIP service for now. So a great model. But frankly if nobody’s tests arrive (mine still haven’t now after 12 hrs) then their sms aggregator needs a serious word.

Please guys, if you are reading this then get in touch with us or a dozen other aggregators who could give you a pipe to 430+ networks globally that would deliver within minutes.


Very odd – I sent three messages to 2 T-mobile customers and an Orange customer. One of the T-Mobile messages and the Orange message arrived almost immediately, the other T-Mobile message (to my own number) never arrived. So they definitely need to look at delivery.

Anyone else had better luck?


I’ve sent two messages, one to my own phone as a tester which is on the O2 network and one to a friends phone on O2 network, neither have arrived yet and that was like 50mins ago?!?! What’s up with this?! I usually use CardboardFish free text messaging service which is great, I thought i’d give this a try but I guess I wasted my time.

I sent a couple texts to a friend in America, but cause of the length of the add on they have to pay to receive two text messages rather than one, so I won’t be using it again. I tried sending a test to my number in the UK (Orange) and it wouldn’t work at all, wouldn’t even send.

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