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Nokia 6300 review by Steve at iTAGG

Steve‘s just got hold of a brand new Nokia 6300 and kindly wrote this overview of it…

Picture 6Review of the Nokia 6300:  Well I say “review” but frankly there isn’t much to say if you don’t look at any features apart from the address book, call button and text screen…for these features it simply does what it says on the tin and that’s that…
After having been up their with the big boys and girls in owning what is essentially a hand held computer [treo 750] that makes most people go “wow, that mobile is very impressive”, I have retreated.  I now own a Nokia 6300 and my treo750 is destined for the rubbish tip.  The 6300 looks very sleek and sexy, it is streamlined, thin and just really looks quite slinky.  It has a traditional nokia keypad on it that has a good feel and the screen is a decent size within what is just the nicest piece of slim-look candybar I’ve had in my pocket for ages.
It has been a long time since I took a mobile out of my pocket and thought “oh yeah, you look nice”.  It is a strange move, because the 6300 doesn’t appear on the standard radar of “ooh yeah baby, I’ve got to own that one” phones.  But I just feel so relaxed to be back on Nokia’s menus and address book, etc; a system that doesn’t lose an address book entry every single time I sync with my laptop [see my previous posts about the seriously bug ridden WM5]!!!  And I don’t miss a full qwerty keyboard at all.
Apparently it has a camera but frankly I have no intention because I am a camera lense snob and simply don’t believe any mobile manufacturer has got their optics right yet.  I intend loading no software on it and will just be using it for calls, address book and texting.  All these billions of extra features available today are in my mind adding no value to my life whatsoever.
So call me what you will but at the moment I’m definitely in a mood of “mobiles are for phone calls only and must be slim enough to sit in my pocket without creating a huge Blackberry-Bulge”; and the Nokia 6300 is the perfect answer for that.

Nice one Steve — I look forward to seeing the handset in the flesh!

If you’ve just taken delivery of a new handset, knock up a review and send it over to me and we’ll publish it to the world!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

6 replies on “Nokia 6300 review by Steve at iTAGG”

Just ordered mine. Arrives tomorrow.

A little disappointed about the lack of 3G, but the look/feel/functionality swung it for me.

Vodafone lady pretty unhelpful re data rates. Apparently As well as the per day usage up top a cap, there may also be some bigger prepay bundles – i.e. by 100megs for £10. A few months off though.

So maybe the 6300 is going to start appearing on people’s lists of “I must have that phone” after all…

I have just seen a double page spread for the Nokia 6300 in the Sunday Times Style magazine – which is their glossy mag for style and fashion followers. The ad is from Vodafone but is all black and basically pushing the 6300 by the looks of the advert design as a Vertu alternative. “Simple yet stylish” or some such strap line is used. It really comes across as “if you love classic styles and want to look smart and sophisticated then this is the only phone to have”.

I always knew there was a fashion leader lurking deep inside me somewhere 😉


What about DECENT CASES for the 6300, to keep it looking slim and sexy??? where can I get a decent one from? Ive got a hard clear crystal case which is just cracking and falling apart at the seams. Not Good at all. Tnx

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