Beeb is UK’s number one mobile site

Link: BBC tops UK mobile web love – Mobile & Wireless – Breaking Business and Technology News at

There’s something really interesting in this article, which I’m surprised no one has really picked up on. But first, the main point. The BBC’s site have recently ranked number one with mobile surfers here in the UK, with Google and Yahoo! not far behind.

Here’s the interesting bit, in my opinion.

A study by researchers comScore and Telephia has found 5.7 million UK consumers used the mobile web during January 2007, compared to the 30 million who regularly access the internet from a PC or laptop.

5.7 million out of 30 million.. that’s (tap tap tap) nearly 20%. So what the report is basically saying is 20% of Britains surf from their mobile.

Why oh why oh why can’t the mobile operators get with the programme, and sort their tariffs and network quality out? 20% is quite a substantial figure, which could be more like 50% or 60% if we were all given a little more data love by the networks.

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