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Text your prayer to the Western Wall

Link: SMS2Wall – Your SMS message directly in the Western Wall

Here’s an interesting use of SMS. You can now get text a prayer, wish, hope, or any other kind of message and get it printed off and deposited in the Western Wall (also known as the ‘Wailing Wall’, or ‘Kotel’) in Jerusalem.

The service is currently available to mobile users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and (rather randomly) Peru.

I had a quick scoot at the UK service. It costs £1.50 plus your standard network charges, and rather bizarrely is on an 89xxx shortcode. Which is, according to ICSTIS, for adult entertainment services. That aside, it’s a cool idea – and certainly saves having to fly all the way to Israel to pop your note in the wall.

Update: Thanks to Ewan for asking the obvious question – what’s the text number for the service in Israel? There isn’t one apparently. The plot thickens.. Still, it’s ok if you’re in Peru!


  1. Lol! I remember when they contacted us to set them up for this service… i thought they were joking!!! Anyhow, did our best to explain how PSMS works and i’m happy to see they got things rolling. Well done!

  2. Great thing indeed!
    Try it if you want to set up a wish.
    It is a real smart way to ask God for a wish when you don’t have time to travel to the Western Wall.
    Who knows, maybe your dreams come true.

  3. Contacted them for service and this was a HOAX..they wanted to text me back and forth for .99 to see if i wanted to chat, when i said i only wanted to put my prayer request in they had no idea what i was talking about….

    alittle strange..

  4. Due to the fact that our service is using the shared shortcode in US, if the message does not follow the structure: “WALL (space) Message”, it is very probbable that the message ends up in other applications (such as chat applications) that share the same shortcode. Therefore it is important that each mesage to SMS2Wall starts with the keyword WALL and includes the space before the actual text of the message.
    Our appologies for the inconvenience, Karter. It has to do with the carrier connections.

    Miloš Despotović,
    SMS2Wall team

  5. i ask you to pray for this request EVERYDAY ,and NIGHT.alsoevery time you
    pray for your family. thank you.
    i ask that you pray for ALL the MESSIANIC(believers in Christ) JEWS, that they
    have 90% at least of what GOD gave to Solomon.(GOD’s Wisdom etc)
    Also “by humility and fear of THE LORD are riches honor and life” so i ask also
    you pray on them that humility(from the inside out ONLY, not that horrible things
    happen to them to humble them).
    also i am asking that this prayer be duplicated and sent to as many other Christians
    as possible and ask them to duplicate it(cut & paste) and send it out NOW before
    THAT ARE SAVED. thank you
    also one unspoken

  6. why on earth is this service on an 89 shortcode?
    Why is it on a shortcode that is also used for a chat service anyway? As a prayer service, it really really really shouldn’t be anywhere near anything to do with adult, erotica or pr0n.

    I love the idea of the service, makes a lot of sense, but operationally, they definitely could do better.

  7. SMS2Wall service is using the shared shortcode in USA through a gateway. This means that different parties are able to utilise the shortcode for their services. However, is using this shared code for SMS2Wall service ONLY, independently from other parties operating on the same shortcode.

    Miloš Despotović,
    SMS2Wall team

  8. Please Lord I pray unto you , To see to Andrew Shepard financially needs, For he needs
    help in the raiseing of money. Lord please see to his needs. I pray this unto you, I praise
    your name Lord God, I praise your name Lord.


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