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You send a tingle down my spine, when your phone is near..

Link: BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tayside and Central | Students create ‘sensual’ phones

I couldn’t resist a quick blog post about this.

Students from the College of Art, Science and Engineering’s product design course have created six phones to support “intimacy and sensuality”. They include the Aware, which sends a tingle down your back if a friend is nearby and the Boom Tube, which allows people to make music together.

The Aware sounds, er, interesting. That’s a picture of it above. A mobile phone in a necklace.. fascinating concept. I’m sure Mrs. Perkins, the next door neighbour in Rentaghost, had a similar thing all those years back – but she used hers to inadvertantly wish for things to happen.

Just need a big manufacturer to go with the concept now, and who knows – soon we could be raving about the ‘Nokia Bling’ (exclusively available from Elizabeth Duke at Argos).

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