Mediaburst offer free SMS training to agencies

Here’s a great proposal from Jeremy Bygrave, the MD of mobile messaging company Mediaburst. That’s a pic of him there, just in case you were wondering. Anyway, If you’re a media, advertising or brand agency, or have responsiblity for brand promotion, give them a call and they’ll come round to your offices and educate you and your colleagues on how to best use SMS for marketing purposes.

Here’s what Jeremy had to say:

“There are now over 56 million mobile subscribers in the UK and Mediaburst is possibly the only mobile messaging business that can help advertising, marketing and media agencies to best engage and interact with them. Participants in our free SMS MediaDAYS will be able to tap into our expertise in big brand mobile promotions and then offer even greater service to their brands and brand masters.”

Interested? Give Jeremy and his team at Mediaburst a call on 0845 050 0000 – tell them when you want their training team to turn up at your offices, and how many of your colleagues will be involved.

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