Sony Ericsson launch new Bluetooth watch

Link: Digital World Making Use of Bluetooth: It’s All in the Wrist

Interesting news released today from Sony Ericsson. They’ve teamed up with watch maker Fossil to unveil a new Bluetooth-compatible watch. The MBW-150 ‘gently vibrates on your wrist’ when a call or text comes in on your mobile, displays the caller id, and also apparently lets you control music playback from your phone.

Oh, and rather boringly it tells the time, is water resistant up to 30m (although I doubt your mobile is, so don’t take it for a bath too), and comes with a free wriststrap.

You’ll need to charge it regularly – the Bluetooth functionality life is about seven days, and the time-keeping 14 days.

In stores in selected markets (although not sure which ones) from Q4 2007. Perhaps a good Xmas pressie for the geeky man (or woman) in your life who has everything?

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