VOIP is dangerous, according to Vodafone

Link: Vodafone says VoIP is ‘expensive’ and ‘unsafe’ | The Register

Another day, another crap reason from a mobile operator for not allowing VOIP on their network and/or handsets. This time, it’s Vodafone.

Vodafone is telling customers that VoIP services are insecure – even as Sky News is reporting that VoIP calls threaten our war on terror because such calls can’t be intercepted.

Several El Reg readers have been in communication with Vodafone about their VoIP policy, and one sent us a received email from Vodafone Customer Services.

This explains that VoIP is an expensive and unsafe way to communicate. “Expensive” is certainly true, depending on the data tariff, “unsafe” should really be justified, especially with Sky News whipping up a storm about terrorists using VoIP to evade detection.

Oh dear me. Meanwhile, the article also reports that Vodafone Australia are quite happily selling the Nokia N95 with the VOIP client intact, unlike the UK operation which is stripping it out.

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