3UK launches 3neXt mobile application catalogue

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3UK have been working on 3neXt for a while now. The concept? Over time, build up a large catalogue to help 3’s X-Series customers find the best, most innovative mobile applications, services and mobile websites.

Check it out here: It looks gorgeous on a Nokia N73. Super work.

It’s user-generated. While I’m sure 3UK’s team will certainly be updating their own favourites, anyone can suggest an application/service to be included in the directory together with comments, reviews and votes.

For example on the frontpage right now, Marvin comments about Jaiku:

I found Jaiku difficult to comprehend at first, but now find it absolutely compelling..

Have a look at how the Jaiku entry appears on 3neXt.

You need to register (free) to contribute comments and ratings.

You don’t need to be a 3UK user to browse the service either. They’ll happily take refugees from other operators … just… remember, that with most other operators, you’re being nailed to the post for your data usage.

I think this is a brilliant, brilliant concept and no doubt I’m going to find tons of wicked apps from it. I’m off to get exploring…

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