My rabbit ate my mobile

Link: The Strangest Insurance Claims for “lost” Mobile Phones

Insurance company CPP have just unveiled the results of a poll of 3,000 UK mobile users. As well as the more commercially interesting figures – like people in Edinburgh and Glasgow make on average 126,368 calls on their mobile in their lifetime – there were some disturbing answers on why people claim on their insurance.

Here’s some of the silliest from the survey:

  • A bird pooed on my window and the phone fell in a bucket of water – it’s the birds fault
  • A sheep rammed me in a field and crushed my phone
  • A thief stole it and hid it up his bottom
  • It was stolen by a magpie – I could hear it ringing from a tree
  • My two year old put it in her potty and wee’d on it
  • My rabbit ate it

Absolutely brilliant. If you’re more into useful stats and research, and want an insight into the habits of the average Brit mobile user, there’s plenty more on the original article.

4 replies on “My rabbit ate my mobile”

Is there any connection between this research and the fact that the first person to do the insurance claim jokes was Jasper Carrot…..geddit? carrot, rabbit!!?? oh come on you lot, keep up!! 😉

Personally my favourite excuse for buying a new phone was that as I leant over the toilet a few years back my phone slipped from my jacket pocket and went straight down the pan!! mad but true!

Can we have a thread Ewan for people’s mad mobile loss/theft/etc stories?


as long as it comes with a pair of rubber gloves to be worn when fishing the handset out of the loo. Oh hang on…rabbits, waterproof handsets, rubber gloves, toilets…I think this one may have gone just far enough 😉


When I worked at O2 I had many request to be transfered through to insurance claims because of phones going down the loo, through the washing machine and my personal favourite (which was actually from the guy who worked next to me) dropping it in a vodka tonic!!! Cheers!!

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