O2 drop the ball on video and voice shortcodes

Link: O2’s failure to launch voice and video shortcodes ‘holds up entire industry’

According to a couple of industry players, UK mobile operator O2 is “holding back the entire industry” by not being able to offer video or voice shortcodes.

Speaking to The Inquirer, MX Telecom’s Mark Fitzgerald has said: “You couldn’t have an X Factor vote, for example, which worked for everybody in the nation except those on O2. So customers won’t buy into the concept while one network’s subscribers are excluded.”

Meanwhile Jeremy Flynn from mobile video specialist D2See asks:  “Given the amount of money O2 has made from SMS shortcodes, how come they find it so difficult to provide equivalent voice and video shortcodes?”

“There are over 100 video shortcodes in use in UK – how come they don’t seem to want to let their consumers access these services, and make money from this?”

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Until O2 does not get their billing sorted out, we will still see these issues with them. Alongside their inept data tariffs this is another case of inability to deliver on a highly lucrative concept.

I wouldnt be surprised if peekamo comes up with it in north america. i bet the guys in the uk are just trying tosee the best possible way to make money of short code.

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