Another GMTV exec jumps before being pushed

Link: Broadcasting – News – Second GMTV exec quits over phone-in scandals – Digital Spy

Looks like a case of “another one bites the dust” at breakfast broadcaster GMTV, following on from last weeks resignation of MD Paul Corley over the four year text and phone-in scam.

GMTV’s controller of enterprises Kate Fleming is reportedly to leave the company, following the scandals surrounding premium-rate phone-ins which have plagued the show.

Fleming, who has worked for GMTV for 14 years, follows GMTV managing director Paul Corley through the exit door. Corley announced last week that he would leave after claims were made that the TV programme had incorrectly taken money from viewers over a four-year period when participating in GMTV’s premium rate phone-ins.

Meanwhile, and totally unrelated to SMS, ITV are in hot water this morning after faking the death of an Alzheimers sufferer. The mind boggles as to what’s going to hit the headlines next – my bets are on Bruce Forsyth misleading people into thinking he really has hair, or there’s no such place as Narnia..

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