Link: BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile phone use backed on planes

Remember the story from a while back that the EU had cleared in-flight mobile calls using Airbus’s OnAir system?  Well bizarrely enough the BBC seems to have rustled up a non-news story about this in the last couple of hours.

Scanning through the article, I can’t exactly see where the news is. Have a look for yourself anyway:

Plans have been developed across EU countries to introduce technology which permits mobile calls without risk of interference with aircraft systems.

Regulators around Europe are calling for consultation on the potential introduction of the technology. If given the go ahead, the service would allow calls to be made when a plane is more than 3,000 metres high.

Individual airlines would need to decide if they wanted to introduce the technology, if the green light is given by national regulators.

Doesn’t seem like anything we didn’t already know.. except that in the article related to Airbus, it said September this year.

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