iPhone Causing Huge Data Overages?

Over at the Financial Times, they’ve got some dirt that Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has been added to the Disgustingly High Roaming Bills rank, thanks to his trusty iPhone. Seems that on a recent foreign trip, Anderson had his iPhone powered on in his pocket, and forgot to disable the email app, which was connecting and checking his email every ten minutes.

$2,100 later, Anderson stands a good chance of winning the ‘Roaming Mad’ contest we wrote about earlier this week. When I was in Amsterdam recently, I made sure to not stick my AT&T SIM card back into my phone till I was safely on the ground in the States.

This also brings into question different features of handsets and how they use data. Obviously there’s an offline mode, but how many users would connect offline with data, or even know that data runs even without them using the voice aspect?

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I’m torn between thinking it was foolish to leave email on auto checking (which I’ve never used on my iPhone) and realising how lucky I am to have left mine on manual…

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