Kwiry helps you remember stuff on-the-go via text

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Link: Kwiry Launches. Will Anyone Use It?

A new service called Kwiry launched today that lets you text yourself things so you don’t forget them, and then e-mails you a link to search results for the same terms. Huh? That was our reaction too.

Whilst the chaps at TechCrunch aren’t really that impressed with Kwiry, I like it. I think it’s a smart concept. I’m often out and about and find myself trying to remember things. What do I do? I add them as tasks. Or I email them to myself. Or I add them as calendar appointments. This sort of works. But really, it’s a total arse, because my information is held in tons of different places.. and before I know it, it’s useless to me.

And I’ve forgotten.

Kwiry needs to get some public attention — once it does, I’m sure quite a lot of people will begin using it. It appeals to a specific demographic of slightly anal yet forgetful people — who can’t be arsed to walk about with notepads and pens. Me, for example.

Here’s how it works:

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Once you text, Kwiry keeps all your reminders and helpfully gives you direct links to related web searches.

If you’re a bit of an iPhone fan — or you’re addicted to mobile email, you can email your notes:

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Smart. I wish’em every success. I’m going to sign-up in a moment and play with it.

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