Kwiry helps you remember stuff on-the-go via text

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Link: Kwiry Launches. Will Anyone Use It?

A new service called Kwiry launched today that lets you text yourself things so you don’t forget them, and then e-mails you a link to search results for the same terms. Huh? That was our reaction too.

Whilst the chaps at TechCrunch aren’t really that impressed with Kwiry, I like it. I think it’s a smart concept. I’m often out and about and find myself trying to remember things. What do I do? I add them as tasks. Or I email them to myself. Or I add them as calendar appointments. This sort of works. But really, it’s a total arse, because my information is held in tons of different places.. and before I know it, it’s useless to me.

And I’ve forgotten.

Kwiry needs to get some public attention — once it does, I’m sure quite a lot of people will begin using it. It appeals to a specific demographic of slightly anal yet forgetful people — who can’t be arsed to walk about with notepads and pens. Me, for example.

Here’s how it works:

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Once you text, Kwiry keeps all your reminders and helpfully gives you direct links to related web searches.

If you’re a bit of an iPhone fan — or you’re addicted to mobile email, you can email your notes:

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Smart. I wish’em every success. I’m going to sign-up in a moment and play with it.

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Thanks for the thorough post about our launch! And your wishes for our success! We look forward to getting feedback from all our new users and making the service even more valuable with new features.

I encourage everyone to sign-up (it’s free) and try it out. Please e-mail me with any questions you don’t see covered in the FAQ or feedback at

Thanks again,
-Ron (CEO & co-founder of kwiry)

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