MAXroam Wants To Reward Your High Roaming Bill

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MAXroam (SMStextnews sponsor) has announced their ‘Roaming Mad’ story competition, which rewards consumers for sharing their horror stories of high roaming rates. The MAXroam SIM, recently launched by Cubic Telecom, is a borderless SIM card offering significantly lower roaming rates. The MAXroam SIM also eliminates the hassle of getting a local SIM and trying to figure out the rates for it.

The Roaming Mad story competition encourages consumers to submit their stories of crazy roaming bills and attempts to get a local SIM when travelling. All entries will automatically be rewarded with a EUR5 voucher off a MAXroam SIM. Ten EUR50 vouchers will be handed out to the travellers with the highest monthly roaming bills, and the best story submitted will receive an Apple iPod Touch.

I had my own issues recently when traveling to Amsterdam for a week, and in the future will likely look into a MAXroam SIM. You can submit your story online at It only takes a minute, and you automatically make EUR5, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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