M:Metrics Researches Mobile Ad Delivery

M:Metrics recently conducted a survey of 625 mobile phone users, trying to get a grasp on where mobile phone users are most receptive to ads on their mobiles. The study was commissioned by digital SIDEBAR, a company that specializes in mobile advertising and digital content.

The key purpose of the study was to determine what actions or events on a mobile would be optimal advertising opportunities. A few areas tested included before and after voice calls, data calls, or SMS/MMS, as well as on the home/idle screen. SIDEBAR also wanted to know what types of incentives would encourage consumers to sign up for mobile promotions.

Among the findings, the top 3 preferred actions or events were while the browser is loading a webpage, on the home screen, and after a completed phone call. I find this interesting, as those are mostly times when the consumer is not necessarily paying attention to the screen of their mobile (save for the browser). Also, the top 2 incentives were, not surprisingly, discounts on monthly bills and free minutes.

Personally, I would like to keep my phone clean of ads, it’s the last place that advertisers haven’t been able to break through. I don’t mind them when browsing the mobile web, but ads that are actually served up on my phone are not something I’d be open to, even for free minutes. What about you?

(Image Source: The Economist)

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