Nokia N96… meh… I hope it’s good

Stefan’s published 7 pictures of the apparent upcoming Nokia N96. Here’s one of them:

Link:  7 pictures of the Nokia N96 leak! This isn’t a render folks, this is real hardware

It’s a big, big screen.  That’s good.  As for the rest of the device, well I hope Nokia really have been looking and learning.  If this is another handset vomitted out by a team of well meaning but entirely blinkered, I’ll go nuts.

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4 replies on “Nokia N96… meh… I hope it’s good”

Finally got my N95 (won it a few weeks ago) and all I can say is I hope the N96 is better. I love the potential of the N95 but it seems quite poorly executed. Most maddeningly of all it seems to hate BMW’s bluetooth module. All of the other phones I’ve connected (iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Razr, HP iPaq) have worked fine even though only the Razr is officially supported, but the N95 constantly disconnects in the middle of a call…

I like the way this looks just a touch moreso than I like the look on the N81. For me though, with a screen this large, it needs to be a touchscreen.

Of course, being a USAmerican, if it doesn’t have US3G, then it won’t be as fun for me. But I can imagine that it will fly with FP2 and other neat features.

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