Snaptell Digitizes Real Advertising

With all the hubbub over mobile ads growing, one has to wonder what’s to come of all the billboards all over the place. And what of other real-life advertising mediums? Enter Snaptell to save the day. Snaptell enables you to use your camera phone to get ad-related content on your mobile phone.

Using your phone’s camera, snap a picture of any ad – be it billboard, magazine, you name it. Send that pic as an MMS to Snaptell and then sit and wait a few moments. You’ll receive a response with cool content, typically videos, wallpapers, and WAP links. There is an online demo ad that you can use, or you can just go driving around. Supposedly it works with packaging, CDs, and DVDs, as well.

I think this is pretty neat, and a good way to get more mileage out of those physical ad campaigns. Leave a comment letting us know what you tried it on and how the experience was.

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Big companies are using mobiles in a very efficient way to convey their messages and products. To be very true, This is something very new for me. Image recognition is not very common and usual thing. Perhaps it is fruit of modern technology and for mobiles we always need something visual and bold. I am amazed to see that they have iPhone version as well so I shall try it.

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