U R Dumped

Lovers turn to text message to say it’s over

LONDON (Reuters) – U R dumped — one in seven say they have suffered the same fate as Britney Spears’ ex-husband and been told it’s all over via text message or email, a survey said on Friday.

While hiding behind technology might appear a cowardly way of splitting up, it contrasts with the four percent who simply drop all communication with their lovers without notice.

“Most of us send emails and texts everyday, so it comes as no surprise they are now being used to ditch someone — however distasteful this is,” said Rob Barnes from, which carried out the survey.

It’s not surprising really, if someone calls and leaves me a message I’ll email/text them back. I can type a message faster than I can look up and call their number.

I still think I’d feel pretty hurt if I got dumped by a text, but I guess it’s the 21st century’s Dear John letter.

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