iPhone UK users: How does call forwarding work for you?

I’ve had an enquiry from SMS Text News reader Pete who’s loving his o2 iPhone. He’s wondering if anyone else has managed to forward missed calls (and only missed calls) to another number.

You can easily do this with your average handset, however he’s only able to forward ALL calls…or none at all. It seems to be a binary choice for him. Because he regularly works in an area with zero o2 signal, he’d like to be able to get his missed calls forwarded to another (Vodafone) handset when they’re missed. So when he’s got an o2 signal, he wants to be able to answer his phone normally rather than have to arse around swapping the full divert on and off.

Any thoughts?

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Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standards define certain codes that (if implemented by the particular carrier) make it possible to query and set certain service parameters (e.g., type of Call forwarding) from mobile devices (GSM cell phones). See ETSI TS 100 907 (3GPP/GSM TS 02.030)

Divert Voice Calls
Set: *21*destination*11#[SEND]
Cancel: #21#*11[SEND]
Query: *#21#*11#[SEND]
No Answer
Delay nn seconds: max 30 seconds, in 5 second increments
Set: *61*destination*11*nn#[SEND]
Cancel: #61*11#[SEND]
Query: *#61#*11#[SEND]
Set: *62*destination*11#[SEND]
Cancel: #62#*11#[SEND]
Query: *#62#*11#[SEND]
Set: *67*destination*11#[SEND]
Cancel: #67#*11#[SEND]
Query: *#67#*11#[SEND]

These codes are really usefu….but are there similar codes for forwarding/diverting SMS messages in the same circumstances?

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