It’s too much to ask to make it all work properly, isn’t it?

Link: Developers: Verizon Wants You! – GigaOM

Two months after saying it would open up its network to other devices, Verizon Wireless is inviting developers to a mid-March conference where they can learn more about building software and devices that will run on its network.


What a stupid, stupid arse of an announcement from Verizon. There is nothing worse for me than reading about mobile operators who’re falling over themselves to help developers build software and devices for their (proprietary) networks.


When will they eventually realise that what all developers crazy is ubiquity. Facebook Applications, for example. Not entirely ubiquitous as not everyone uses Facebook, but .. can you imagine the development hell if Facebook decided to change parameters for each group, network and country area? It’d be a total unmitigated arse to develop for. Have you got that image of despair in your mind? Good. Welcome to the mobile industry…

By Ewan

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