London smash & grab caught on camera(phone)


Link: Caught on camera phone: The £250,000 jewellery shop smash and grab| News | This is London

Their target, gleaming in the display in front of them, about £250,000- worth of watches – including brands such as Cartier, Rolex and Breitling.

Passers -by, who captured the moment with cameras on mobile phones, said it took at least five hits to cave the windows in.

I looked up ‘Connors’ (the photo copyright) to see if there was information about sending photos to them (I imagine they’re the picture agency selling the photo) and their policies. I wondered, perhaps, if the enterprising soul with the mobile camera who took this picture used the likes of Scoopt to send the photo out to the media. Alas I couldn’t find any information.

I reckon the photo was taken on an N95. What do you think?

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One reply on “London smash & grab caught on camera(phone)”

An n73 could’ve taken that photo, as well.
But the question is, did the photo really help anyone?

Except it’s a pretty cool photo.

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