ShoZu Grabs $12 million In Funding, Adds 100k New Users Monthly

ShoZu is hands-down one of my favorite applications on my Nokia N95, and is among the first that I install whenever I get a new S60 handset. ShoZu is now compatible with over 300 different handset models, from high-end to low-end, and allows you to quickly and easily upload videos and pictures to your favorite media-sharing sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. They also have a cool product called ZuCasts that allows you to get content downloaded directly to your device.

For me, ShoZu rocks because I can set it to automatically upload every picture I take with my N95-3 directly to Flickr, Facebook, and any other image-sharing site. I don’t have to do ANYTHING on my phone at all, they’re automatically pushed online. However, if you tend to take more….private pictures or videos on your mobile, there’s also a convenient setting where ShoZu will popup a small box, asking if you’d like to upload the recently taken photo/video to the destinations you’ve designated. These features may or may not be available on your specific handset, but I’d highly encourage you to check ShoZu out if you haven’t.

Ewan recently met with the CEO and I’m anxious to read his thoughts soon. ShoZu has also secured deals with handset manufacturers and will be shipping pre-installed on more than 50 million handsets this year. A big congratulations to the ShoZu team on their recent funding, and keep up the killer work.

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Hey there,
Thanks for picking up on the release about our series C funding, it was great to meet with Ewan the other day 🙂

This really gives ShoZu a huge boost and ensures that our team can always stay ahead of the curve in development and innovation 🙂 As a matter of fact, a brand new release of ShoZu is just around the corner with some awesome new features and new partners.

To touch on the point about how we make money, we have a variety of different methods to be honest. First of all, mass distribution across the planet with 50 million+ phones going out this year with ShoZu pre-installed (on top of downloads from our site) means we can target any sort of advertising very specifically. Striking deals with carriers/handset manufacturers also has other rewards, eg, custom engineering work and driving data traffic on carrier networks. Social media sites are also turning to ShoZu to drive traffic to their own sites by integrating through our gateway. We also have a big media industry presence with tons of big artists and celebs like Linkin Park, Paris Hilton, James Blunt, Gnarls Barkley, etc, all of whom we charge for the privilege of using ShoZu to keep in touch with their fans.

I hope this sheds a little more light on your question, and thanks again for the recognition 🙂


The ShoZu Blog

This is so sad… ShoZu is so sad, they already ran out of the last round of funding? Their client-based application strategy is so ridiculously flawed, they must have 20 engineers updating the application as more and more mobile phones are released every day!!

Hi Petra,

It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it 😉 That’s the nature of mobile — If you want easy to use access to all of your favorite websites with just 1 click then you need a client. Not just for ShoZu but anything else that’s worth having like Gmail, YouTube, Yahoo Go, etc, all of which have awesome clients. Sure you can do the same thing in your mobile web browser, but it is a generally a hideous experience and takes many times longer to accomplish the same task.

If you don’t mind doing it all via MMS with a few extra clicks then ShoZu also has an MMS gateway which is of course client-free and you can use it with any phone on earth that supports picture/video messaging. So it’s your choice.

But 50 million pre-installed ShoZu handsets can’t be wrong 🙂


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