Eli’s second MWC diary entry

Just got Eli’s second diary entry from Mobile World Congress.

Second day of the show and Hall 7 is starting to fill up and it is not just for the free ice cream! Some of the talk today has been around the untapped potential for mobile broadband. This could be the year where we see mobile operators stand up and take real notice of this lucrative opportunity.

To tap this opportunity and kick start a mobile ISP revolution, operators will need to marry HSDPA + flat fee + acceleration to homogenize quality with value for money.

The good news is that mobile broadband is on the verge of matching the speeds you get on the traditional ADSL internet – but consumers are not going to ditch their fixed internet service provider just yet.

Going by today’s show, however, a mobile ISP revolution is brewing and real change seems to be just around the corner.

Thanks Eli!

Eli Mahal is VP of Marketing for Flash Networks.

By Ewan

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